News sourcing, frame and discourse analysis

This research line focuses on the final news content by monitoring how a wide range of Flemish news media cover health-related information.

Large-scale quantitative content analysis provides a fine-grained analysis of the media messages and representation of health risks and their societal implications.

A second focus lies with in-depth exploration of discursive clusters on health news by means of frame analysis as well as discourse analysis.



PRESENTATION | (De)constructing health news: a transdisciplinary investigation into news media coverage of elderly-related health issues (download)

PRESENTATION | A quantitative content analysis of Belgian media: medicalization versus self-responsibility (download)

Vijftigplussers in doolhof van gezondheidsinformatie (download)

ABSTRACT | Are hyperlinking practices in online health news healthy? A Belgian case study (download)

PRESENTATION | Are hyperlinking practices in online health news healthy? A Belgian case study (download)

Gezondheidsinfo in de media: betrouwbaar of vooral beïnvloeding? (download)

ABSTRACT | Medicalization versus own responsibility – a quantitative content analysis of health news (download)

PRESENTATION | Search Engine Health News: Finding the News and Mapping the Links (download)

ABSTRACT | How features of hypertextuality and interactivity shape the relation between health journalists and their audiences (download)

JOURNAL ARTICLE | Tracing the sources: A comparative content analysis of Belgian health news (download)

ABSTRACT | A multi-method evaluation of frictions between the normative ideal of transparency and journalistic praxis in health news (download)

ABSTRACT | Looks Can Be Deceiving: Ordinary Citizens as Sources in Health News (download)

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