Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap

The Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2016, organised by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam under the aegis of NeFCA, will be held 4-5 February 2016 in Amsterdam. This year's theme is CLOSER: CONNECTING THROUGH INTIMATE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES.

During this event researchers Joyce Stroobant and Violetta Jitomirskaya will be presenting their latest papers. Violetta will be presenting her views on the digital divide within the group of elderly people. Based on data from the digiMeter study she has analyzed which differences in ICT (computer, internet, tablet and smartphone) use and adoption can be found between young and senior elderly, women and men and different educational levels within the group of 50-80-year-olds. Joyce will focus on how online health journalists use hyperlinks to enrich online news. Hyperlinks have the theoretical potential to add extra layers of content, to increase diversity, to boost source transparency and to provoke interactivity between the user and the news. Another important function of links in general, not just in journalism, is to generate traffic to certain hubs to increase advertising revenue. In her talk Joyce will discuss the main findings of her multi-level comparative content analysis that she conducted and explore how Flemish health journalists from two net-native health news websites try to strike a balance between the journalistic and economic dimensions of hyperlinking.