Thierry Christiaens

Thierry Christiaens is a professor at the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care and a member of Health, Media & Society.

He has rich experience in health communication to health professionals as director of the Belgian Center of Pharmacotherapeutical Information (BCFI/CBIP). Specifically concerning elderly, he is involved in the production of a Drug Formulary for the very old and in several studies concerning use of psycho-active drugs by the elderly.

Christiaens has published several articles in journals such as British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Lancet, Journal of Nutrition Health & Aging and Journal of Medical Ethics.



ABSTRACT | Het veld van ouderengerelateerde gezondheidsinformatie: Een stakeholder analyse ( download )

ABSTRACT | Pharmaceuticals as solution for health problems: A stakeholder perspective ( download )

ABSTRACT | The field of elderly-related health issues in Belgium: A stakeholder analysis ( download )


+32 (0)9 332 24 92
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care De Pintelaan 185 - 6K3, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)