Joyce Stroobant

At the moment I'm looking for a new professional challenge in the field of media and communication, but currently still working at the department of communication sciences (Ghent University) as postdoctoral researcher.

In December 2018, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis on the production of health news in Flemish mainstream (offline and online) media (more info:



ABSTRACT | Medicalization versus own responsibility – a quantitative content analysis of health news ( download )

PRESENTATION | A quantitative content analysis of Belgian media: medicalization versus self-responsibility ( download )

ABSTRACT | Are hyperlinking practices in online health news healthy? A Belgian case study ( download )

ABSTRACT | A multi-perspective approach towards the role of mass media within the medicalisation process ( download )

Vijftigplussers in doolhof van gezondheidsinformatie ( download )

ABSTRACT | How features of hypertextuality and interactivity shape the relation between health journalists and their audiences ( download )

PRESENTATION | Search Engine Health News: Finding the News and Mapping the Links ( download )

PRESENTATION | Are hyperlinking practices in online health news healthy? A Belgian case study ( download )

JOURNAL ARTICLE | Tracing the sources: A comparative content analysis of Belgian health news ( download )

ABSTRACT | A multi-method evaluation of frictions between the normative ideal of transparency and journalistic praxis in health news ( download )

ABSTRACT | Looks Can Be Deceiving: Ordinary Citizens as Sources in Health News ( download )

Fake news is geen journalistiek probleem, al levert het journalisten wel problemen op ( download )

Research Report: Health News Media Monitoring ( download )

Fake News - What's in a name? ( download )


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Department of Communication Studies Office: Voldersstraat 9, 9000 Ghent (Belgium) Postal address: Korte Meer 11, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)