Jana Declercq

Jana Declercq graduated from the University of Antwerp in 2014 and has a master’s degree in Linguistics, and is currently working on a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Geert Jacobs.

She aims to analyse the lifecycle of news stories on health issues, taking a case-oriented, multi-sited linguistic ethnographic perspective. She focuses on the complex discursive practices and professional routines that shape health-related media content, and has done fieldwork at a pharmaceutical company, the editorial board of a TV show, and at a women’s magazine.



ABSTRACT | A multi-perspective approach towards the role of mass media within the medicalisation process ( download )

ABSTRACT | The Discursive Practices underlying Elderly-Related Health News: a Multi-Sited, Linguistic Ethnography ( download )

Vijftigplussers in doolhof van gezondheidsinformatie ( download )

ABSTRACT | Pharmaceuticals as solution for health problems: A stakeholder perspective ( download )

ABSTRACT | Social media uptake and entextualisation of health messages from an infotainment TV show on food and nutrition ( download )

ABSTRACT | Balancing journalists’ and scientists’ professional practices: Producing an infotainment show about food ( download )

ABSTRACT | Giving back to professionals: Formulating recommendations as a venue for co-creation ( download )

ABSTRACT | Tell Me Your Story: The role of narratives in corporate identity construction The case of a European pharmaceutical company ( download )

ABSTRACT | Institutional narrative in the Communications of a pharmaceutical company ( download )

JOURNAL ARTICLE | Examining “Elite” Power Dynamics in Informant–Research Relations and Its Impact on Ethnographic Data Construction. ( download )

De informatiejungle van het gezondheidsnieuws in Vlaanderen ( download )

“It's such a great story it sells itself”? Narratives of vicarious experience in a European pharmaceutical company ( download )




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